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Margie Brandquist, CNM

Margie Brandquist is a Certified Nurse-Midwife, graduating from UCLA graduate school with her CNM and MSN degrees in 1997.  She moved back east with her family in 1999 and has been living in Leesburg ever since. She was fortunate to help start Loudoun Community Midwives in 2003 and served the women of Northern Virginia in that role until 2017 when it was acquired by a large healthcare entity.  It has been a challenge to practice the type of Midwifery we feel so strongly about and that women deserve. We have been blessed to have put together a team of Midwives and staff that you know and love.  In our journey to start “Center for Midwifery and Women’s Health” we were fortunate to work with an amazing OB/GYN whose belief system was parallel to ours and who had lots of experience in collaborative care.  Dr. Deb Bowers was a key player in setting up our new practice. We all feel blessed with the addition of Dr. Bowers to CFM.  This allows us to practice seamless Midwifery care with the added expertise of an in-house OB/GYN.   Our team is unlike any in the Northern Virginia area.  Bedside Midwifery in a collaborative model. To complete the perfect experience for our patients we deliver at Stone Springs hospital in Dulles, VA. This facility takes your birth experience to the next level. Their nurses are well versed in natural childbirth as well as honoring the wishes of all women who desire to individualize their birth journey.  Midwifery is supported by the nurses, hospital administration, and the many ancillary departments as well.   

Her focus is on helping women age with grace, beauty, and all the energy needed to enjoy life.  She has started the CFM Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) section of the practice.  This is a focus on bioidentical hormone optimization.  She feels so honored to have served the women and families of this community for more than 24 years and looks forward to the exciting journey ahead for CFM and CAM.

Margie is lucky to be married to her husband Geoff for 38 years.  He has supported her Midwifery dream since the beginning.  She has 3 grown sons and is a very proud grandmother (“GEE”) to 4 amazing grandchildren with another expected in Oct 2021.   When she’s not working, she enjoys crafting and playing with her adorable grandkids.

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